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What is my hair porosity?

We cannot determine your hair porosity, you need to determine it by yourself. We have provided a step by step hair float test which have given accurate results to many. Please click  here to start your test BEFORE purchasing any of our Pre-Wash.

What are the expiry date of the products?

Mane PrePoo - PreWash 6 months after opening if stored in a cool dry environment. For best results use within 3 months.
Out-Grown 6 months after opening if stored in a cool dry environment. For best results use within 3 months.


What is your return policy?

Be Organical do not offer refunds 

Due to the nature of our products we have a strict policy on returns, therefore all orders are final after 3 hours of purchase. Please note that we handcraft our products in small batches and cannot resell return products to the public. It is therefore vital to take the hair test to determine your hair porosity type and read ingredients list for any allergens you may have before purchasing any of our products.​ 

My parcel was damaged upon delivery, what do I do?

If your parcel was damaged upon delivery, kindly email our friendly customer service department on with your order number, photo of parcel and invoice. We will assist you within 72hrs of query.

How does Shipping & Delivery work?

Presently, we only deliver inner Cape Town Areas. Our verification and processing of order takes 2 working days. 
Shipping and delivery times are between 3 -7 business days excluding public holidays or up to 14 working days in the event of a state emergency such as national disasters. Signature of customer and payment proof is required upon delivery of parcel.

Please select the appropriate area for shipping when checkout.

Free shipping on orders over R800







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