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Behind The Name

At Be Organical we want to K.I.S.S (Keep It Super Simple) by crafting hair products that caters for your Hair Porosity & Textures, with ingredients you can pronounce without compromising your health or your family's. Our main objective is to educate BEFORE consuming. Read more about what each product represents here: The Products

Embracing your unique self 

Redefining  beauty standards

Working on being better IRL 

I'm Elly

Our Founder
"I am a health nut, product junkie, avid reader of natural remedies & have deep affection for nature & botanicals. I believe there is a reciprocal relationship between humans and nature, the one cannot survive without the other. 
I know what its like to sit in the aisles scanning through thousands of hair product ingredients not understanding half of the terminologies used except "water & fragrance". I have therefore created Be Organical because I wanted a product that caters to each individual needs by using botanicals and natural ingredients only for their hair porosity, something that my girlfriends and I can relate to.



Join in on the social buzz. Our carefully sourced ingredients are harvested throughout Africa from small organizations that are determined to help disadvantage communities. Africa produces at least 90% of natural oils and botanicals to the world.

Take the Hair Porosity Test and join in on the buzz!

It's a Community
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