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Mane PrePoo - Low Porosity
  • Mane PrePoo - Low Porosity


    Pre-Wash Conditioner

    • Organic, Vegan & 100% Natural

      For all hair textures

      NO Mineral Oils

      Cruelty Free


      Made in South Africa


      You Need This Product If:


      • Hair products tend to sit on your hair and don’t absorb easily
      • It’s hard for water to saturate your hair when washing
      • It takes a long time for your hair to air dry


      Our versatile Mane Pre-Poo has essential properties that brings life and revives your delicate low porosity hair. The benefits of this treatment are endless. It pocessess antioxidants that prevents harmful radical molecules from interfering with the follicle growth; hydrates your strands; enough nutrients to feed your hair and moisturize your scalp in the process.

      A great added bonus is, you can use it as a hot oil treatment. Give your low porosity hair a chance to revive and restore to its fullest potential.

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    cruelty free.png

    cruelty free

    paraben free.png

    paraben free

    artificial fragrance free.png

    artificial fragrance free

    conscious packaging.png

    conscious packaging

    made in africa.png

    made in africa

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