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Why use pre and post wax products

Hair removal is a huge part of most of our lives and waxing remains the most effective, natural, and eco-conscious way to remove hair. As more and more people turn to waxing the need for organic, vegan, and sustainably sourced pre and post wax products arose. Women and men everywhere were waxing and ending up with rashes, ingrown hairs, and blackheads because of a lack of proper pre and post wax care. When you use the perfect product it can make your waxing experience one million times better. Following the right pre and post wax care protocol can make or break your next waxing experience.

The wax that you use to remove your hair should definitely not be the first nor the last thing that touches your skin. Your skin needs to be prepared for the wax and soothed after the wax - this is where pre and post wax products, like Be Organical’s “Out Grown” come in. Not only do these products prepare, repair, and seal your skin to stop unwanted after-effects of waxing, but they also allow you to get the best results from your wax.

What pre-wax products are and why to use them

Pre-wax products help to gently cleanse the skin and prepare the skin for the wax. The skin is full of oil, dirt, dust, sweat, makeup and other pollutants that could interfere with your wax results. You also get pre-wax products that are meant to be used 24-48 hours before your wax to gently exfoliate the skin to loosen any ingrown hairs so that they will be caught and removed during your wax. For extra exfoliation brush or rub down your skin with a gentle exfoliating tool or glove to remove the dead skin.

Using a pre-wax product to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin before you wax will help to prevent infection, rashes, and other undesirable waxing outcomes. Having a well-rounded pre-wax routine will also often help the waxing session not to be as painful and become more efficient.

What post-wax products are and why to use them

Immediately after you finish your waxing treatment your waxing technician will apply their post-wax product of choice and they will leave you with instructions to continue your post-wax care routine at home. It’s important to follow this advice because using products like Be Organical’s “Out Grown” is proven to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and blackheads after your wax treatment.

Post-wax products also remove leftover wax residue which can irritate the skin. The products moisturise and soothe the skin as well as prevent or slow down further hair growth. Using high quality, organic post-wax products is that they help prevent flare-ups on sensitive skin. It prevents skin irritations like redness, blotches, rashes, and puffed up skin, leaving your skin smooth, supple, and ready for business. Another way post-wax care helps is by ensuring even-toned and well-hydrated skin, this makes for a more pleasant next waxing session. We think it’s clear to see that implementing conscious pre and post-wax routines so be the standard for the waxing industry.


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