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Hair Porosity Characteristics: Signs and how to care for it

Our hair is our own unique way of sharing our style with the world around us. Whether we choose to shave it all off, grow it long, or anywhere in between, most of us take a ton of pride in how our hair looks and feels. Our hair health and hair care is an important part of our daily life. One of the main factors in our hair health is the porosity of our hair.

The term hair porosity is used to describe how porous or absorbent your hair is. It has to do with how much moisture your hair can absorb and retain. Medium porosity hair is generally considered healthier hair than high or low porosity hair, although most of us aim for a mixed or medium porosity hair care product. Many people think that they are stuck with whatever hair porosity they are born with. Luckily, this is far from the truth. Through simple hair care routines and by being educated about hair health, you can make a few easy changes and have luscious hair that even the hair models are jealous of.

Characteristics of low porosity hair

There are 3 different kinds of hair porosity - low, medium, and high. If you have low hair porosity it means that your hair’s cuticles are close together. Your hair will not be able to absorb and retain much new moisture because, much of the time, low porosity hair already contains adequate amounts of moisture. Healthy hair usually is medium porosity because you don’t need to add moisture as it already holds the natural or added moisture in your hair well.

You can tell if you have low porosity by noticing whether products seem to “stick” on your hair. If your hair takes longer to dry is another characteristic of low porosity hair. Finally, if it takes your hair longer to get wet than others, you might have low porosity hair.

Characteristics of high porosity hair

High porosity hair has cuticles that are wider apart, meaning that it absorbs and loses much more moisture than low porosity hair. Hair care products and water will be absorbed quickly by high porosity hair, but it also loses its moisture very quickly. It also tends to be frizzy, dry, and break easily

Characteristics of medium porosity hair

Healthy hair usually is medium porosity because you don’t need to add moisture as it already holds the natural or added moisture in your hair well. Medium porosity hair tends to be glossy, shiny, and glossy. It is easy to style and takes to colour and products well.

How to care for your hair porosity

Knowing which hair porosity you are is a great start, but you’re probably wondering how to care for your specific porosity. Whether you are low, medium, or high porosity, it is important to keep a well balanced and nutritious diet for healthy hair (perhaps even taking an organic multivitamin). Another game-changer is using organic hair care products, like the Be Organical Conditioner range. Organic products that are designed for your hair porosity are more gentle on your scalp and contain no harmful chemicals.


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