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Abigail, Cape Town, WC

Type 4a & 4b texture Low Porosity Hair: Before I used the Mane Pre-Poo I had the following challenges: dry hair, dry & itchy scalp, struggling with hair growth and flaky scalp. After I started using this treatment I saw an immense improvement in all of those challenges I previously faced. My hair was soft and fluffy and it even helped to define my curl pattern more. I would recommend Be Organical any day.

Ashley, Johannesburg, GP

Type 2b texture & High Porosity Hair: I use to struggle with hair loss for many years, I tried so many products to combat it but to no avail. After almost giving up, I decided to try Be Organical BHC, and let me tell you, the holy grail for my high porosity hair. My hair grew longer, thicker and it drastically minimized the hair shedding. Will be buying again!

Jade, Durban, KZN

Type 3b texture & Mixed Porosity Hair: These products literally saved my product junckie addiction, lol. I have two types of hair porosities (low & high). It has helped me get my curl definition back & faster hair growth. When they say a little goes a long way, they are 100% correct. You have gained a forever customer!

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